Website Challenge - Website Build for Savory Fare

Savory Fare, a food delivery service for seniors in the Providence, Rhode Island area.

During the first week of VFA Training Camp, my team and I were tasked with building a website for Savory Fare, a high-quality meal delivery service in Providence, Rhode Island. Savory Fare is operated by its founder Mary Hughes, a wonderful woman dedicated to connecting seniors in her community through amazing food and volunteer work.

Savory Fare did not have a website when we began, which meant we were at liberty to build it from scratch in whatever way we liked. Before starting the build, we were trained on UX/UI best practices by Jen Smith of the American Graphics Institute, an experience which greatly helped us develop an intuitive, user-focused site layout.

Jennier Smith of the American Graphics Institute was kind enough to volunteer her time to teach Venture For America Fellows about UX/UI.
This was the About section I created for the Savory Fare Website build. It utilized an image of Mary Hughes, along with the story of why she decided to found Savory Fare. It also included her past experiences, most namely her job as the Rhode Island State Nutritionist.

We then sat down with Mary to understand her needs, and combined what she required with information from secondary research we conducted to determine what features were imperative for a senior-friendly website. What we ended up creating was a simple, clean site that utilized big font sizes, cohesive coloring, a plethora of relatable images, and a navigation bar that naturally built trust as users walked through it.

Because of our time constraints, our team decided that Squarespace was the best way to complete the build. Our call-to-action was a Contact button and form, which would have allowed Mary to continue receiving orders how she currently was while giving her time to explore and learn the Shopify online ordering system we built for her. I spent a majority of my time constructing the About and Testimonials pages, two areas which I knew to be crucial to building trust among site visitors.

The Savory Fare website testimonial page featured a video of Kay, a long-time customer.
This is the testimonial section I constructed for the Savory Fare Website Build. In this section I focused on showing images of the people leaving the testimonials, and made sure they had a local place of residence.

Although our website was not voted to be the one that Savory Fare would use permanently, it was selected by Mary as her personal favorite and she expressed an interest in using many of our layouts on her new website. Thank you Mary- it was a pleasure working on this project for you!