Presidential Debates A Soothing Reminder Of Pre-Divorce Childhood

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CLEVELAND – Enjoying a mug of warm cider while curled up on the couch, local resident Tom Gilford reportedly relived vivid memories of his youth while watching presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argue during the third presidential debate. “It’s just such a comforting feeling, seeing two grown adults bicker and argue about things ways out of my comprehension while I stare on, helpless” Gilford stated as he showed visible signs of nostalgia, remembering the days of his childhood when his father would berate his mother for her spending habits as she accused him of adultery. “I haven’t experienced two people with such distaste for one another square off like this since my parents tried to take us on a vacation to Niagra Falls and forgot our passports. It really does take me back.” When asked which candidate he preferred, Tom responded "It doesn't really matter to me, so long as they're together." Gilford went on to say if he could afford a therapist, they would likely agree that the debates were great for his mental health. “I’m just wondering who’s going to hit who first”.