Product Challenge

Prompt: Improve the experience of waiting for a package.

SAFEdrop Logo

Our group was tasked with improving the experience of waiting for a package which proved to be no easy task. After deciding that trying to improve how quickly a package can get from A to B was out of the realistic scope for this project, we sought to work on improving the experience through other means.

Prototype 1

By utilizing methodology IDEO shared with us, we began our human-centered design process. We asked a lot of questions to a diverse group of people about their package delivery experience, and determined that the delivery of the package, more clearly when the package was delivered and how secure it was after delivery, was the main pain point for many people. This in mind, we began prototyping a safe package drop box that integrated the IOT network.

Prototype 2 Sketch

The result of our work was SAFEdrop, a smart, beautifully designed package delivery box that would eliminate the frustration of missing delivery times and ensure that packages would be delivered securely to the right home. Our initial prototype was a drop chute that entered directly into the consumers’ home, but after gaining feedback we decided an external box was what they actually wanted.

Screen Mock-Up


We completed a finalized cardboard prototype and presented our findings. It was very difficult to estimate the cost of the final product and the work that would be required to produce it. However, we discovered a competitive product named uCella that had fared well on indieGoGo which convinced us SAFEdrop was a good idea.

Final Prototype

I personally conducted market research, including speaking with postmen, Amazon Prime users, and the package staff at the Brown mail center. I also was responsible for creating the first prototype, using photoshop to design a mockup of the touchscreen, and sketching every subsequent design iteration.