I love Snapchat. Feel free to add me and join my SnapFam. My username is @mxs94 

Snapchat is by far my favorite social media platform. As an early adopter, I spread the application to many of my friend groups. I remain an avid user today and am excited by the company's shift to Snap, Inc. and the hardware world. I use Snapchat as a means of dispersing various video content that I create, including skits, interviews, cooking lessons, and comedic endeavors.



In the summer of 2005 I sold a trumpet (that wasn't even mine) to buy my very first video camera. What followed next was four-or-so years of endless home video writing, directing, filming, and editing with my best friends. By the end of middle school I had become a YouTube Partner, a big feat at the time.

Unfortunately, when I entered high school this hobby of mine was forced into submission, but I never truly lost my passion for it. During my last semester of college I started writing and producing video content once again, and I don't intend to stop any time soon. Since then I have been a part of several productions and have penned by own television bibles and episode scripts. If you're interested in working together I would love to hear any and all of your ideas!


In my spare time, I love to read.

I prefer classic fiction, but also enjoy travel and finance-related books that provide concrete steps to follow or tools to use.

Occasionally I enjoy a biography and some Greek Mythology.

What I'm Currently Reading