I'm matt shaver.

I’m a fun-loving creative with 5 years of experience in digital content creation, copywriting, brand management, social media marketing, and startup strategy/operations. I promote products, services, and ideas that I'm passionate about through a variety of entertaining and engaging content formats. I have worked with large brands and small brands, Fortune 500s and startups.

When I’m not engaged in my work, I enjoy performing stand up and improvisational comedy, researching the cryptocurrency space, maintaining my ShaverSnaps blog, and creating entertaining Snapchat content.

I'm passionate about the food, beverage, and entertainment industries, as well as education, technology, and the environment.

I began my career completing projects for companies like P&G, Karate Cowboy, Qdoba, R.G. Barry, Smuckers and I'd love to help your company achieve its goals- you can reach me at

I currently live and work in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio as part of the Venture For America Fellowship.